Our instant pop up marquees are of the highest quality and are ideal for covering your patio, small house extensions, and even for trade stands at shows etc. Quick and easy to erect and can be weighted down for use on hard standing.
Prices are for a weekends hire.

3m x 3m White Instant pop up marquee £99.00
3m x 3m White, Red and blue Instant pop up marquee £99.00
6m x 3m White, Red and Blue instant pop up marquee £198.00
3m Gutter Link – for joining two marquees £5.00
Weights (set of 4) for weighting down on hard standing £12.00
3m x 3m Charcoal Carpet £25.00
6m x 3m Charcoal Carpet £45.00
Delivery & set up in Norwich
Delivery & set up in Norfolk
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